Maureen Turner – Fantasy Romance Author


My Biography

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter  

 I am a wife, a mother to one daughter and grandmother to an ‘almost’ teenager.  

I count myself lucky to live in a beautiful part of Gloucestershire in England. I have always been a reader of fiction, starting in my teens with the likes of Dennis Wheatley, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury. In later years my appetite stretched to include Daphne Du Maurier, Phillippa Gregory and Diana Gabaldon.  Then I discovered Fantasy Romance and was completely hooked.   

In 2010 I started writing my first novel whilst employed in a local primary school in Gloucestershire as a Teaching Assistant. Out of the blue the board of governors announced that a few staff cuts were necessary in an attempt to cut rising costs. It was a complete bombshell to all the Teaching Assistants as it was only their positions that were at risk. I was the longest serving T/A employee at the time with twenty-five years’ service, and once the initial shock had been absorbed, I thought, ‘Why not?’  I was the only one to volunteer for redundancy. Sadly, three other T/A’s also lost their jobs.  

Within a few months I had finished my debut novel and self-published it.   

To date I have a total of nine novels and three collections of short stories, all are available as eBooks through Amazon and paperbacks through 


My Novels:               

                 FIRST BREATH 

                                  MALCHEDIEL – WARRIOR ANGEL 

                                  AMY – NEPHILIM FREEDOM FIGHTER 

                                  THE PERFECT ANDROID 







                 WINGS UNFURLED – The combination of Malchediel & Amy into one paperback novel  




                               SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS  


                              PURGATORY – 12 short stories 

                                  12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS 

                                  JUST IN TIME    

I would like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who has bought and read my books. Without readers there would be little point in writing. If you have enjoyed any of the above books it would be most appreciated if you would post a short review on the appropriate book’s Amazon page.  


Thank you.