The Perfect Android

perfect-androidReluctantly Sarah takes on the challenge of re-defining the speech of the prototype of a new range of Androids. The model is about to go into production at the British plant of Nikoto Robotics. Her husband, their chief science officer thinks that her expertise as a teacher stands her in good stead to modify the ‘stilted’ vocabulary of the artificial intelligence known as Nick.

Sarah has problems of her own trapped in a loveless marriage but unable to break free from her oppressive overbearing husband Robert. When he suggests she take on the challenge of giving elocution lessons to a Robot she does so with little enthusiasm. How was she to know that her new pupil had been ‘contaminated during manufacture with human DNA? Moreover how could she possibly envisage the relationship that would develop between teacher and pupil as they worked together to achieve Robert’s ultimate goal, the perfect Android?

As a friendship evolves from an uneasy beginning Sarah begins to suspect that something is amiss with Nick’s changing personality. Before she realises it, their friendship has turned into something more as they both plan to dupe Robert into extending Nick’s stay in their home. Could she be falling in love with an Android? What is more, was he developing feelings for her also?

With tentative plans to reveal the changes in Nick’s genetic makeup, their affair is discovered and they are swept up in the tragic climax to what began as a simple accident. Sarah and Nick could not only lose each other but also their lives as Robert unleashes his fury.

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