A tragic road traffic accident leaves two young drivers dead. A doctor who happens to be driving the same road manages to revive one of them, but which one? Mark Walker, an ex-soldier invalided out of the army and now trying to earn a living despite his injuries. Or is it Justin Lench, a successful dealer in stocks and shares, millionaire, and outright womaniser.
Justin is the one who is rushed to hospital; his chances of survival are slim but still infinitely better than Mark whose destination is the mortuary. However, at the point of revival the unimaginable occurs. Somehow there is a switch, and it is Mark who survives but how is that possible?
Jane, a young pharmacist working at the hospital is the first person to unravel why Justin has the memories of a soldier injured in Afghanistan. She alone works with Justin to help him understand just what has happened. Despite having special powers, herself, has she bitten off more than she can chew?