When Malchediel first enters Amy’s art shop in Falmouth, she thinks he is just another tanned, golden haired surfer, the sort that frequent the county of Cornwall every summer.  Her initial feelings of attraction are soon replaced by those of irritation that he finds it amusing when she accidently bumps her head. Thus begins a roller coaster of a relationship as she learns of his celestial background and the reason for his being here. How was she to know where this first meeting would lead?

For his part, Malchediel was not amused that he, a Warrior Angel should be sent to protect a Nephilim girl on Earth. How demeaning was that?

As Amy begins to delve into her own genetic background, the relationship between Angel and Nephilim develops beyond an uneasy alliance. With the appearance of Asmodeus – a Fallen Angel – Amy realises that she is dangerously close to entering forbidden territory. Angels and Mortals are not allowed to fall in love.

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