sanctuaryAstrae is dying. Burdened by earthquakes and erupting volcanoes it is just a matter of time before the planet blows itself apart. This is no quick apocalypse it has been brewing for millennia. The Astraens, searching for a new habitable planet thought they had found what they were seeking two thousand years ago. It was abandoned due to their winged appearance seeing them unacceptably elevated to Godlike status by the indigenous population. Now, with time running out they are back hoping that the war torn blue planet will afford them the sanctuary they desperately need.

At first accepted by a depleted human race, the Astraens see their initial welcome turn to hostility when a disease they unwittingly bring to Earth begins to kill thousands of the native humans.

Anael, a captain of the Seraphic guard could be the only hope of achieving a lasting peace between the two species but first he must win the trust of a band of mercenaries led by Jack. No easy task given that his first encounter with the group almost led to Mercedes shooting him.