NELL - By Maureen Turner
NELL – By Maureen Turner

Doctor Gavin Wade, archaeologist with Durham University is no stranger to excavating skeletons. It is a regular part of the many digs that he organises with groups of students. However, the find at the small village of Gainford, north of the university town, is somewhat unusual. According to the team’s anthropologist, the skeleton is that of a woman. She had been buried in unconsecrated ground and weighed down by a heavy stone slab. Injuries to her neck pointed to death by hanging. Could she have been a witch executed for her crimes?

Removed to the university for further investigations, the skeleton mysteriously disappears from a locked examination room. In its place, Gavin finds a young, blonde woman who claims that he is the catalyst of her resurrection, being, she claims, her lover from her previous seventeenth century life.

Life for Gavin is about to spiral out of control as he struggles to extricate himself from this woman’s  stalking obsession.